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Joliet, Illinois

I Want Or Need to Sell My Home - Here Are Some Facts

You want or need to sell your home?

Now what?

The number one factor in keeping a buyers' interest is the first impression of a home. It goes without saying that an unkempt property will immediately turn off a buyer no matter if you have bread baking in the oven! Buyers are looking for a property that says to them: This looks good, I want to look some more. So how do you get to this point? Preparation!

The home is an extension of us. We have cared for, improved, upgraded or changed items to reflect your personal taste. The location, price, type ( 1 or 2 story, etc.), size, and various other factor come into play. Buyers will automatically be pre-screened by their wants or needs, then, they are going to come looking. You need to be ready.

Rarely do properties sell sight unseen. If you are lucky, someone knows and wants to buy your property already. (If you are reading this, that is not the situation) How do you increase your chances of selling quickly? Certainly a nice appearance keeps a buyers interest so they want to see more.

Where do you start? Be proactive. Perform obvious maintenance tasks. Caulking, painting, cleaning. Remember the honey-do list? It needs to get done. Not necessarily by you, but it needs to get done. I know, I know, it is a long list. I'm not talking about extensive remodeling projects, it is the little things. For example; Fixing a leaking faucet, cleaning the gutters, trimming bushes away from the building. Mostly easy stuff. Not doing the most obvious tasks will result in buyers rejecting the property and going elsewhere to look at someone else' property. Would you buy a property that has obviously been neglected? Or as some would say, has deferred maintenance issues?

Step two; get a licensed, qualified home inspector to inspect the property. You will be surprised at the thoroughness of a good home inspection. From the top of the roof to the bottom of the foundation, experienced inspectors see the small indicators of a problem in the making or a component near the end of it's expected life. The inspector does not have the emotional attachment to the property. A home inspection is an independent, objective analysis of a property. No monetary interest. No skewed sentiments. A written report will be generated, some reports include digital photos for added clarity. It is by far an excellent, proactive solution to set yourself apart in the normal Home for Sale jungle.

Even new homes have deficiencies. However the issues are normally covered with a builders warranty, if the defects are identified. Your own inspection will give you the opportunity to eliminate obstacles to a sale. Every home has items of concern. When deficiencies are identified, you get to decide what items you want to repair or not. Deficiencies that could have been easily corrected are corrected.

You get to decide when or who does the repairs. No more inflated estimates for repairs. No more last minute re-negotiations of the asking price. A property that has a 12 year old water heater, or a 20 year old roof issue is noted in the written report. The issues, such as components that are close to the end of their expected life can be reflected in the asking price. Any safety issues, such as missing GFCI receptacles, or recommended repairs can be rectified. No buyer should expect every small item to be corrected. That is unreasonable. It is reasonable for a buyer to expect a safe home for their family.

Your asking price will reflect the true condition of the property, with an independent report & receipts to prove you have corrected deficiencies! Buyers like facts. Buyers want to know if a property a money pit or is it a going to be a safe, comfortable home for the family? About 70% of buyers will hire a home inspector to be sure the properly has no major defects. Buyers may counter-offer, sometimes again & again for items discovered by their home inspector. Be one step ahead. Be prepared.

Finally, as you know, buyers are scarce. They know there are numerous properties for sale. It is a buyers market. The final agreed dollar amount for the property will be closer to your asking price because you will have done the hard work...Just the facts.

Jess Alvarez is the owner of "A Plus Home & Building Inspections, Inc." 585-654-7294. An advocate for all clients delivering the best inspection service, period. Provides you peace of mind when buying your home! Experienced in the building sciences; building, remodeling, inspecting. I invite you to visit the website for additional information.

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